Founded in 1937 and a privately held company spanning three generations, R.W. Beckett has been built on a sturdy foundation of three core values: integrity, excellence, and profound respect for the individual. Adherence to these values has helped solidify our position as a world leader in our areas of expertise. The Beckett Family of companies has over 1,000 employees with a presence in Ohio (USA), Canada, Italy, and China.


RWB is North America’s largest producer and market leader of residential oil burners. Other products include commercial oil and gas burners, ignitors, and controls.

>1,000 Employees
Family Owned & Operated
US Market Leader
Oil & Gas Burners


PRI is a premier management & consulting company with over 30 years of experience doing business in China. PRI has held equity in and managed more than 28 mid-sized manufacturing companies in China and has successfully provided turn-key solutions to help over 40 international companies start-up operations. They have hired over 2,000 employees in China and have managed operations in more than 13 cities. PRI has experience in a variety of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive,  Specialty Chemicals, Telecommunications, Consumer Home Goods, and Medical Devices.


PRI leverages this vast experience in dozens of industries to provide world-class operations solutions that simplify the complexity of doing business in China and empower businesses to succeed. Whether you need to setup a large factory and hire hundreds of employees or need a small office space for an engineering and sourcing team, PRI has the experience and resources that you need to get the job done. 

30+ Years in China
40 Startups Overseen
28 Businesses Owned
400+ Vendors Sourced

Tel: +86 10 6125 3690  | +86 10 6125 3691


BAP is a one stop solution for all your China manufacturing needs. 

With our newly expanded facility in Beijing, we can support your business growth in a world-class environment.

No.29 Yongda Road, Beijing Bioengineering & Pharmaceutical Industrial Park

Da Xing District, Beijing 102600 China