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冷凝锅炉 售前 LMS14

Report to 直接上级:

Director of Supply chain and Engineering Director 供应链及技术总监

Purpose of Job 职位概要:

Support the sales department on the boiler sales on technical part from early stage to after-sale service. And keep follow on the industrial information related to new technology, new methodology, new product, new standard/code, new policy related to boiler. 对锅炉销售部门提供售前、售中及售后的全面的技术支持,并及时跟进新工艺、新技术、新产品、新标准、新政策的信息采集。

Major Responsibility and Authority 主要职责:

  • Communicate with customer on condensing boiler related product requirement。了解客户对冷凝锅炉相关产品的要求

  • Daily communication with customer to answer their technical questions and find solutions. 解答客户技术问题,为其找出解决方案。

  • Support boiler OEMs on condensing boiler design and testing. 支持锅炉原始设备制造商锅炉设计和测试。

  • Train distributors or other parties when needed for application, installation, and trouble shooting and repair etc. 为经销商或合作伙进行在锅炉使用,安装和问题解决或维修等方面的培训。

  • Instruct the production or system installation and commissioning. 对产品和系统的安装和调试给与科学、合理、规范的指导。

  • Instruct the customer practical and reasonable suggestion or plan for operation, maintenance. 对客户的运行管理、系统维护,经济运行给予科学、合理的指导和建议。

  • Make work plans or according to assignment to complete tasks on time。根据要求制定任务计划以及时完成

  • Conduct new product test and localization work according to assignment。根据要求开展新产品测试和本地化的工作

Knowledge, Skills, andAbilities 知识、技巧与能力要求:

  • 2 years+ experience in boiler/combustionindustry is a must. 须2年以上在锅炉或燃烧行业的经验

  • 2 years+ condensing boiler design or industrial boiler application experience. 2年以上冷凝锅炉设计或工业锅炉应用经验。

  • Skilled in auto-CAD or similar design software. 熟练应用CAD或类似设计软件

  • Familiar with Siemens LMS14 control. 熟悉西门子LMS14控制器

  • Ability to learn product and business knowledge according to assignment. 根据业务的要求有能力学习产品知识和业务知识。

  • Discipline to fully execute job assignment and business process. 自律以全面完成任务和业务流程

  • Collaborative team-work spirit and initiation to own responsibilities. 团队合作精神并主动承担自己的责任

  • Self-motivated to maximize work efficiency and productivity, and to report progress and problems to supervisor. 自我驱动,最大限度提高工作效率,主动汇报工作进度和问题

  • Good English-speaking and reading skills. 良好的英语交流和阅读能力

  • Business trip. 可出差

Qualifications, Education and Work Experience 任职资格:

  1. CET-4, sufficient in English reading, and spoken English is a plus 英语4级以上的听说读写能力

  2. Preferred Education: 4-year college degree of thermal energy, combustionor related major. 4年以上热能,燃烧或相关专业为佳

Work Location 工作地点: