G Series - Professional Gas Burner

The Professional G Series Gas Burner is engineered for small industrial boiler, furnace, water heater, and specialty applications that demand a high performance heating solution in environments with significant back pressure.



Burner CG10 Web

49 to 293 KW


42,000 to 252,000 kcal

249 to 1145

Pa (N/m2)

Height: 381mm

Width: 298mm

Depth: 648mm

Airtube Diam Min: 112mm

Airtube Diam Max: 117mm

G30 Burner CG15 new junction box color Web

195 to 342 KW


168,000 to 294,000 kcal


672 to 921


Pa (N/m2)


Height: 379mm

Width: 529mm

Depth Min: 831mm

Airtube Diameter: 143mm


Perfromance Capabilities


  • Fuel Type
    Natural Gas: 0.6 Specific Gravity Typical Propane (LP): 1.53 Specific Gravity Typical
  • Drive Motor
    Continuous duty, split phase motor, built for daily hard use and years of trouble-free operation. Overload protection included.
  • Blower Wheel
  • Newdesign provides high static pressure combustion air smoothest starts and combustion under poor draft conditions. Riveted wheel construction for high strength.
  • Electrical Box
    Labeled and color coded terminal strips for quick and easy installation
  • Upgrade
    Opportunity to upgrade later with technology advances


Standard Equipment and Features


S = Standard O = Optional N/A = Not Available G25 G30
Low Fire Start S S
Linkageless Low/High/Low or Low/High/Low N/A O
Modulation with Pressure/Temperature Modulating Controller N/A O
Right or left side gas train connection S S
Air Pressure Switch S S
Low Gas Pressure Switch S S
High Gas Pressure Switch S S
Main Shutoff Cock, Leak Test Cock, Test Connections, and Test Cocks S S
Direct Spark Ignition of Main Flame S S
Flame Safeguard with Flame Rod S S
Flame Safeguard with UV Sensor O O
Customized Electrical Cabinet (Standard for all Modulating Burners) O O