AquaSmart Advanced Boiler Control


Features and Benefits

  • aqua smartboiler controlSave up to 20% of your annual fuel costs
  • Beckett HeatManager dynamic temperature reset
  • Energy saving through ciculator-off delay
  • Priority override for domestic hot water
  • Freeze resistance
  • 2N1 self checking sensor with Low Water Cut-off
  • Cycle history diagnostic information
  • Reduce inventory through universal design
  • Backlit LCD screen with programming touch pad
  • Built-in power disconnect switch (optional)
  • Oil and gas offerings
  • Cold-Start compatible
The Beckett AquaSmart™ is a patent-pending, advanced boiler control designed for use on residential and light commercial boiler systems. The control includes a backlit LCD digital display with touch pad to easily program temperature limits, differentials, and other advanced options. The AquaSmart™ also has memory storage of system history for help with diagnostics and troubleshooting. All models include the option of enabling Beckett HeatManager™ dynamic temperature reset that, when selected, provides up to 20% fuel consumption savings.