Contract Manufacture Capacity and Service


Since 2006, Beckett Asia Pacific (BAP) has served our customer's needs in mechanical and electronic contract manufacturing with excellence and integrity. Our clients are global companies based in America, Europe, and Asia who seek a box-build manufacturing partner who can integrate their Asian supply chain, assure quality, and provide final assembly. We excel in serving customers with complex and exacting product specifications, strict IP protection needs, and who need to balance high quality standards with competitive cost structures.

Clean Room WebBAP's team comes from a wide range of Tier I manufacturers and so can provide a spectrum of contract manufacturing services including product design optimization, supply chain localization, and production process industrialization. Our quality assurance team commonly works within supplier facilities to ensure adherence to manufacturing processes and quality standards. This integrated approach allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of specialized services whilst maintaining best cost. We are noted for our responsive customer service, 100% on time delivery, and single digit parts per million line rejects.


Our operations are lean and flexible, which allows us to change production lines quickly and on short notice. In this way, BAP is able to respond to our customers' rapidly changing needs and still meet critical deadlines.


Competencies include:


  • Surface mount technology and wave solder
  • ICT, AOI and function test
  • Press-fit assembly
  • Wire winding
  • Epoxy potting
  • Cord set build
  • Molding and plastic injection
  • Metal Part stamping, machining and die casting
  • Lead and lead-free (RoHS) capabilities
  • Box build integration
  • Inventory and supply chain management
  • Industrialization including process & fixture design, design testing and DFM
  • Product re-design, focused on localisation to get best cost and lead time
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