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Distributor Name:Langfang Temin M&E Equipment Co.,Ltd

Region: Henan Province, Hebei Province,Shandong Province and Jiangsu Province.

Industry: Road Maintenance


2012-08-23 160122




Langfang Temin M&E Equipment focus on providing technical service for imported burners and boilers and other equipments on heating, for instance, burners sales, installment,test, after-sale service and maintenance.


With professional technology and high-spirited team, they have provided customers with the best firing and heating project, and that helped release much worries for customers on products.


Now Temin M&E Equipment has become the backbone for many customers, and services for customers productions, on low carbon emissons and enviroment protections.


Main products include burners, burner parts,boils and its auxiliar machine, gas valve, bump,meter, control cabinet and water processing and so on.

They are widely used on houshold heating,commercial furnace, electric,petrochemical technology,pavement maintenance and asphalt heating and so on.





Location: No 6 Street, Guangyang District, Langfang City


Website: http://www.teaiming.com